UPIGO Objective

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The History of UPIGO

UPIGO was founded in Paris in 1953 by the representatives of fourteen
national societies. From the start, it had a worldwide vocation. A few months later, in 1954 in Geneva, was founded FIGO.
In the spirit of its founders, UPIGO was the professional arm of
FIGO, the aims of the latter being principally scientific. While FIGO grew rapidly on a worldwide scale, UPIGO limited its scope for a long time to Europe, devoting its energies to the implementation of the new gynaecological Europe.
UPIGO was the first international organisation to turn its attention to the harmonisation of the training of specialists, and this well before the signature of the Treaty of Rome (25 March 1957).
UPIGO played an essential role in the foundation of UEMS (Union Europénne des Médecins Spécialistes or European Union of Medical Specialists).
Of thirteen founding members, six were gynaecologists.
UPIGO also played a decisive role in the creation of the working group which would draw up, in April 1993 at Debrecen in Hungary, the first European recommendations for the training of gynaecologist-obstetricians.