UPIGO Actions

The “UPIGO and humanitarian action” working group will be co-ordinated by Professor Claude COLETTE from Besançon, France. In many countries there are major needs for improved healthcare. Fatalistic attitudes leading to accept things as they stand are very common even amongst doctors. Thus, there are colleagues who may find normal a neonatal mortality rate of 10% or more.

UPIGO gynaecologists and obstetricians shall, at first, participate to the planed humanitarian action under other flags. They have to know that UPIGO can officially nominate them for the mission they have chosen to accomplish. The official acknowledgement to the Council of Europe of this nomination is a protection in case of problems provides protection in case of problems (kidnapping - judicial proceedings etc.). It allows the diplomatic authorities to take the necessary action with the central and local authorities for the purpose of more effective protection.

If some obstetricians and gynaecologists come to know of actions corresponding with our goals they should forward the information to UPIGO. The working group will take steps in order to find the financial resources and their control by the associated philanthropic operators in the Health division of the Council of Europe.

UPIGO’s position with regard to sexual mutilation

At its extraordinary meeting in Rome on 17 January 1998, at the suggestion of France, the Professional Union of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians, solemnly and unanimously
• denounce the scandal of female sexual mutilations suffered by almost 100 million adolescents and young women worldwide. The immediate and subsequent complications arising from these ritual (and non-religious) practices, not to mention the hidden deaths, with their inevitable legacy of suffering of organic and functional origin, affect the whole life of these unfortunate individuals who are also particularly disadvantaged and defenceless (poverty, illiteracy).

• offers, with its thousands of specialist practitioners, concerted, dedicated and competent collaboration to all the public and private organisations who strive against this evil,

• urges all gynaecologists and obstetricians, wherever they practice, to take any ethical measures required to protect the health and future of those whose misfortune too often still discourages individual and collective good will.