UPIGO Actions

The working group Medico-legal problems in gynaecology and obstetrics will be co-ordinated by Professor Perfrancesco TROPEA of Regio di Calabria - Italy.

The number of lawsuits against doctors and in particular against gynaecologists and obstetricians has increased enormously in Europe in recent years. The character of the doctor-patient relationship has altered. The patient no longer blindly follows the treatment prescribed by his doctor. He wants to be informed of the advantages and disadvantages relating to the various therapeutic procedures.

In obstetrics the demand for the perfect child is very widespread. Any perinatal accident risks the professional abilities of the doctor being brought into question. It is important that the basic training of gynaecologists and obstetricians is carried out and validated in accordance with concrete procedures. The same applies to the sub-specialities currently emerging (gynaecological, oncology, perinatology, reproduction and endocrinology) or narrower sectors such as operative laparoscopy or echography.